The Equation: Life's Formula to Reach Your Full Potential (Chapter 1 Preview)

The term, “recovering perfectionists,” a concept I first learned from author Brene Brown in 2012, is one with which I identify very much. As such, I probably should not be writing a “self-help” book because I should know by now that you’re never going to ever fully “have it all together” or really ever “reach your full potential.”

However, I find that as someone who has relentlessly been on an unintentional quest for perfection and fallen down way more times than I’d ever like to count (don’t worry, the stories are coming), it is with great confidence that I write a book that helps readers “reach their full potential” and be “better than before.”

I do this because when I say “reach your full potential” and “be better than before,” what I really mean in a nutshell is that while you’ll never reach your maximum full potential and definitely never reach perfection, at least while here on earth (depending on your theological orientation), every day you can strive for these things with what is referred to as a “growth mindset” and adult neuro-plasticity.

Distinct from the idea of “fixed mindset,” growth mindset is one where the individual focuses on always improving, always learning, and never giving up. It’s a philosophical orientation with an understanding that we are all wired to be growth-minded individuals on a journey to become our best selves, with the ideal intention that we are constantly seeking to improve so we can be of better service to others.

So I developed what I refer to as The Equation to guide individuals with this very growth mindset. I created it in three parts based on over 20 years of reading over 200 books on personal development and leadership development and teaching leadership development at the college level formally as an adjunct faculty member and informally as a higher education administrator at four college and universities in the United States over the past 12 years.

I speak with authority when writing this book not only because I eat-live-breathe the self-help/personal development/leadership development work every day, but also because every lesson that I’ve learned that have helped me be better than before, is also a lesson that I learned after I failed and my great imperfect self came shining out.

After much encouragement from my mentors and closest friends, I’m writing this “self-help” book in the most vulnerable and courageous place possible by sharing my full story for how I’ve “earned my stripes” to write with authority in this genre. First-hand experience has gained me first-hand expertise and tremendous empathy to others who have gone through the same or something similar. 

I want you to know that I speak with raw honestly, sincere passion, and the deepest of convictions that I’m writing only to help the reader be better than before and reach his/her/their potential because that’s what we all ultimately want in life.

This book and The Equation that I’ve created is only as strong as the validated data/credible research/personal stories that make it come to life, and I know that as the author of this book you need to trust me that my personal story is one to which you can relate, despite us not coming necessarily from the same gender, race, religion, area of the world, profession, etc.

It is with this I give you my wholehearted desire for you to listen to the stories, the research, and the data with an open mind and an open heart and fix in yourself a growth mindset to first understand, then digest, then apply, and ultimately thrive in living The Equation.

 Now, let’s get started…

Dr. Liz Bapasola, Founder & CEO of Liz Bapasola & Associates, LLC, is here to help YOU reach your full potential. Lookout for her forthcoming book in December 2019!