Restoring your energy to be better than before for you and your family

By Dr. Liz Bapasola, Founder, CEO, & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach of Liz Bapasola & Associates, LLC

As parents, we can all get exhausted daily to say the least. Whether you’re a parent of one 2-year-old or parent of four kids under the age of 9 (like how my mom and dad once were when my siblings and I were all little), you get tired from a range of a little to A LOT every day. Believe me, I’ve been there (daily) and I’m a mom of just one toddler.

That said, maintaining your energy as a parent is critical. Your time is precious with your child(ren), and you want to be “present” and fully engaged as much as you can with him/her/them daily. When you’re exhausted, though, you may (as I’ve been doing lately when I’m exhausted) throw on “Thomas and Friends” or “Sesame Street” instead of reading their favorite book for the millionth time or playing with Legos together.

As it is often said, the days can move slowly, but their growth always seems a little too fast. In a blink of a moment they’re rolling over, then crawling, then walking, then running, then jump roping, etc. etc. Being present with your child(ren) NOW is critical to you embracing every stage of their lives AND every stage of you being their mom.

So how do you embrace the moments with your child(ren) despite how exhausting parenting and managing a household/family/job can be?

The answer: Take mini-vacations EVERY DAY.

What do I mean by daily mini-vacations? It’s a morning or nightly ritual or maybe some small treat that you do during the coveted naptime or on your lunch break at work. For me, it’s a biweekly powder dip manicure (love a good red nail that lasts!) and a nightly bubble bath. It’s also a quick workout in the morning or evening when my husband can watch our daughter. It can be a good book, a glass of wine, a quick chat with my best friend or sibling, or vegging on the couch with some mindless “Revenge Body” with Kloe Kardashian!

Whatever it is for YOU, YOU do YOU.

I first learned of this idea by Nathalie Malino Nino and Sara Grace, co-authors of the book Leapfrog: The new revolution for women entrepreneurs. They write how critical it is for female business owners to recharge daily. I completely agree, I think it extends to the family life as well.

Knowing that your energy is precious, and it should always be restored daily, think about what YOUR mini-vacation is TODAY, knowing it may be different tomorrow, and doesn’t need to cost you a penny either. Of course, the guys/girls weekend getaway and family trip to Disney is always good too, but you need to rejuvenate daily for the benefit of you and your family.

So, what’s your daily mini-vacation?

Cheers to you…and now I’m going to watch a little mindless TV… 😊