Our Top 10 list on why we’re the best in the field:

  1. We are experts in our sub-field of coaching, consulting, and team building.

  2. We take diligent notes and give you access to them after every session.

  3. We can meet in person (within a 20 minute drive to the respective coach), via Zoom or FaceTime, or over the phone - whatever your preference.

  4. We are very flexible with your schedule.

  5. We are very competitively priced…In fact, we’re considered “cheap” compared to our competitors, and we’re worth every penny and more.

  6. We live the principles we teach.

  7. We are located across the United States (eg, Philadelphia, Princeton, NJ, Washington D.C., South Florida, and Boston).

  8. We are committed to a 1-for-1 coaching program. For every client that signs up for a team building session, Dr. Liz Bapasola will provide a FREE career coaching session to a woman in need in the Trenton, NJ area in partnership with Dress for Success.

  9. We give you “homework” every week to make positive changes and implement the strategies and improvements discussed in the coaching session.

  10. We offer a 20% discount on any service or product to those that subscribe to our newsletter. Get your 20% off deal by clicking here.

FAQs on Our Coaching Services:

1) How many coaching sessions does the person receive? Meaning, is it brief or can it be long term? 

It can be long term (ideally 12 sessions over a period of 6 months), but it could be brief too. It's the client's choice based on really, really, really wants. Know that Dr. Liz Bapasola provides her contact information to clients in case there is an immediate need for coaching. Calls less than 15 minutes are complimentary and she also provides a free weekly e-newsletter that inspires clients after each read.

2) Does the coaching have a particular focus, meaning career development, relationship development, etc. or is it up to the person? 

Totally up to the person. Dr. Liz Bapasola calls it executive/life coaching because then it broadens the scope to giving what the client really, really, really needs. Dr. Liz Bapasola has associates who are experts in leadership development, career development, holistic wellness, CliftonStrengths/StrengthsFinder, MBTI, and Dr. Liz Bapasola specifically focuses on executive coaching and business consulting using The Equation (Holistic Wellness x Emotional & Social Intelligence x Leading with Strengths = Full Potential).

3) What is the mission or objective of the coaching?  What will the person receive?

To help the client reach his/her/their full potential. The person will receive tools, skills, and knowledge to grow in his/her/their holistic wellness, emotional intelligence and talents and how to lead with strengths and demonstrate emotional intelligence. The mission is very outcomes-based. The clients will walk away with behavioral changes to make as soon as the coaching session or business consulting services have ended.

4) Is the coaching goal oriented? Meaning, they have a goal and you assist in accomplishing that goal, Or is it problem oriented?

It's goal-oriented. Dr. Liz Bapasola and her associated will ask the client "What do you really, really, really want" and then the coach will work on helping them get that. It's called The 3 Reallys Method that Dr. Liz Bapasola developed, explained here.

5) Can the person have more than one goal or focus area or issue? 

Absolutely. There's probably a deeper underlying goal that is connected to the goals, though.