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Dr. Liz Bapasola's purpose

Dr. Liz Bapasola aims to educate, empower and equip people and teams to reach their full potential through building emotional and social intelligence, identifying and leveraging their talents so they lead with strengths, and cultivating their holistic well being and happiness. Liz Bapasola offers a 100% money back guarantee for clients not completely satisfied with their time coaching or consulting with her or her associates.

what Dr. liz bapasola Charges & Offers to HER CLIENTS (2019 Rates):

  • $299 for 1 session or $999 for 5 sessions: Strengths-based Executive Coaching for those:

    • Looking for a new profession or change in their career path

    • New to role

    • Entry-level

    • Manager-level

    • Director-level

    • Executive-level

    • CEO/President/Board-level role

  • $299 per hour worked in preparation for and facilitation of: Team Building for those in:

    • New teams

    • Long-standing teams

    • Teams in conflict

  • $299 per hour worked in preparation for and facilitation of: Speaking Engagements/Facilitation of Trainings

    • Keynote addresses

    • Trainings for full-time professionals and college student

  • $149 per document: Resume or Cover Letter Review

  • $299 per hour: Mock Interview/Job Interview Prep

My sessions with Liz Bapasola have been truly insightful in helping to reflect and understand how to live my best self. Her personable and genuine personality made it extremely comfortable for me as an introvert to really open up. Liz’s encouraging demeanor has helped me to start meeting new people and enjoying the process along the way.
— Rafia Z. Siddiq, MPH, CHES; Strategic Health & Wellness Specialist
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Liz Bapasola is a brilliant educator. At the time we worked together at Temple University, her knowledge and passion for leadership development were inspiring.
— Chelsea Bissonnette, Imbue Team Dynamics
I had the pleasure of working with Liz Bapasola when she was a graduate student at Miami University. The bottom line is that Liz was one of the most productive graduate student workers with whom I ever had the chance to work and she made every task a pleasure. Liz is highly motivated, organized and committed to her work - attributes that guarantee high quality and quantity of outcomes.

I have a tendency to turn lots of simple things into more esoteric and philosophical issues. This intellectual trait can present challenges for those who are product focused and eager to achieve results. Liz was able to accommodate my global thinking into her focus on getting things done and this made for a wonderful working relationship.
— Dr. Denny Roberts, Independent Consultant